Oct 20

New Breakfast Menu at Ottoman Kitchen Southampton

We’re pleased to launch a new breakfast menu at Ottoman Kitchen Southampton and will now be opening everyday from 8am (all day until close at 11pm)

So, what is a Turkish breakfast? 

The Ottoman Classic breakfast (£14) is served as a sharing platter and consists of sucuk (Turkish sausage), fried eggs, houmous, halloumi fritters, cacik (yoghurt and cucumber dip), cilbir (poached eggs in yoghurt with paprika) and a selection of cheese, olives and cucumber.

Other savoury options are Sahanda Yumurta (£4.99) which is fried eggs served in an iron frying pan available with cheese, sucuk and pastirma. Menemen (£7.95), a Turkish omelette with mixed peppers, onions and black pepper.

For those with a sweet tooth, there’s also lots of options with honey and fruit, such as granola with homemade yoghurt, crunchy granola with fresh berries and honey.

The breakfast menu is available everyday from 8am until 12 noon, 7 days a week.

Click to view the breakfast menu





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