Feb 15

Fundraising Event For Turkey Earthquake

Fundraising Night At Ottoman Kitchen

Februarys earthquake in Turkey, which had a magnitude of 7.8, claimed thousands of lives and caused many more thousands of people to lose their homes and all possessions including friends and relatives of Ottoman Kitchen, Southampton.

On Wednesday 22nd February we’ll be holding a fundraising event with all money raised going to two charities in Turkey helping innocent people affected by the natural disaster. The two charities we will supporting are:

These are charities are working to shelter, clothe and feed people who’ve lost their homes during the earthquakes. We feel these are the two best Charities to support and that the money will be best used going directly to help.

During our fundraising event on February 22nd all the money spent in the restaurant will be donated and we’ll be holding a raffle and auction to raise money. *If any local businesses would like to donate any prizes for us to raffle this would be greatly appreciated.*

Please book a table online to help join the fundraising evening.


Collection for Donations to take to Turkey

We’re also collecting vital supplies which we’ll be taking to Turkey on 23rd February.

Items we’re collecting are blankets, clothing, tinned food, sanitary items, hygiene items (toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, hygiene wipes) and any basic goods. Please bring to the restaurant to donate and we will box to go on our lorry.